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The easiest way to teach kids reading. Heather Harvey's Intensive Reading Program

    The Intensive Reading Programs are designed for the child who, for some reason or other, has failed to acquire adequate reading skills during the course of the normal classroom language program.
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They are not designed to replace existing language programs but to supplement them by filling the gaps in the child's repertoire of skills, thereby improving their overall performance in language related areas.

Design & methodology
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    Program content is based on the belief that adequate word attack skills and sight vocabulary are prerequisites for a child to be able to concentrate unhindered on the real task of reading, i.e. to extract meaning from print.

    Bobby BeachballThe challenge, however, is not simply to identify a series of skills which need to be learned, but to present them in a manner which is radically different in style to that which they have experienced (and failed at) before. The approach must be intensive, systematic, motivational, must be seen by the student as relevant to his or her needs and must guarantee success.
    It is with these criteria in mind that the programs have been designed.

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